I’m Colleen Campbell founder & creator of Picaso Powders LLC.
As a Licensed Nail Technician/Salon owner, I wanted to feed my creativity and that’s how Picaso Powders was born.
My deep love for Nail Art, Pigments, and Glitters, I knew I  had to take my artistry to the next level.
I’ve been in the nail industry for 10 years and my custom colors and glitter mixes are like no other.
The powder components are strong which gives you longevity when applied correctly with Picaso Powders Acrylic Systems.
Self-leveling acrylics which makes application super easy for all levels, Beginner to Advanced.
All of my powders are handmade with Precision and care so the quality is guaranteed. I started this business with just a dream and God and here I am fulfilling the dream and having so much fun.
Thank You kindly for your continuous support!!

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Thank You for your continuous support!

Colleen Campbell, Owner

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