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Is this product beginner friendly?

Yes, it is beginner friendly. Anyone can use our products.

Am I able to use any type of liquid with Picaso Powders?

Unfortunately, our prodcts are designed to be used with our low-odor liquid Picaso Powder. Using other prodcuts that are not from Picaso Powders will not guarantee the Picaso outcome.

I received the wrong items in my order, what should I do?

We apologize, contact us as soon as possbile. You can return the order and we will ship the correct items, free of charge.


I got my nails done eslewhere, can I come to Picaso Nail Den?

Unfortunately, it is very dangerous to combine different chemicals. We strictly recommend to have naked or fresh nails to be serviced. We do soak-off at an additonal fee of $10.

Do you only work on long-nails?

All nail-lengths are welcomed at Picaso Nail Den!

I may have a nail fungus, can I still proceed with my appointment?

Unfortunately, we do not work on infected nails. However we do offer nail-treatments, to aid you with your road to recovery.

Do you offer acrylic service on all 10 toes?

Unfortunately, no. It's very dangerous and not recommended to have acrylic on all 10 toes. However, the big toe-nail can be extended.

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